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LiveJournal for joey.

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Wednesday, March 15th, 2006

Time:1:26 pm.
head hurts, dying!
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Saturday, October 15th, 2005

Subject:Oh, hey, okay.
Time:9:27 pm.
1. A song by the Futurheads
2. Leaves
3. I'm in love
4. Socks
5. Orbit wintergreen gum, like chewable crack
6. Thomas, like always
7. My new car, Charlotte
9. Law and Order: SVU
10. Ketchup
11. Against Me! concert
12. My book of lists
13. Anastacia, Ask Your Analyst
14. "4 of 3 people say they hate fractions."

I ran out.
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Saturday, July 9th, 2005

Time:3:59 pm.
I am spectacularly grouchy. And damp, that is all.
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Wednesday, March 9th, 2005

Subject:i hate:
Time:9:09 pm.
not having any laundery detergent

being expected to have sex three times a day

people who lie to get attention


whatsitcalled, when you're a senior and lose all motivation, that thing.

my eyebrows

chapped lips

the fact that i can accomplish nothing constructive
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Tuesday, February 15th, 2005

Subject:That's why I'm easy.
Time:7:13 pm.
Mood: blank.
Update. Getting ready to go to collllllllllege what a drag. Oh dear, I find myself distinctly lacking in things to say. I broke up with my boyfriend and crashed my car and ate macaroni and cheese (yesterday). I received the greatest Valentines card ever which reads as follows:

"You'll do."

It's raining only a little bit, which bothers me. Half-assed rain.

Things that would be different if I ruled the world. By Joey.
1. There will be more movies about Al Capone and fewer featuring Kate Bosworth
2. Faking orgasm will be illegal
3. You will need a license to play the piano. Ergo if all you can play is 'chopsticks' over and over, your license will be revoked.
4. People who keep their turn signal on for more than 100 yards without turning will be pulled over immediately and shot.
5. The American national anthem will be changed to "Closing Time" by Semisonic. It's very representative of the US, in my mind.
6. A $5 fine will be enacted on those who use 'less' when they ought to use 'fewer' (ex: "she has less sisters than I"). Proceeds will go to the Send Joey to College fund.
7. Marijuana will probably be legalized.
8. High School students will not be given the option for that 'early release' shit. IT'S A FUCKING FREE EDUCATION, if a disorganized and faulty one, TAKE ADVANTAGE OF IT!

I plan to do that now as I write a paper on the life and times of Dostoyevsky. Mm.
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Monday, November 29th, 2004

Time:6:58 pm.
Mood: blank.
"He wanted to write urgent love letters to her all day long and crowd the endless pages with desperate, uninhibited confessions of his humble worship and need and a warning to her to never cross a street against the traffic light."

Have you ever read 'Catch22'?
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Friday, November 5th, 2004

Subject:Dear Whitman:
Time:6:07 pm.
Mood: distressed.
Please don't eat me.

love, Joey.
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Sunday, October 24th, 2004

Time:10:45 pm.
Conor Oberst had a speech impediment.
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Thursday, September 30th, 2004

Subject:To Whom It May Concern:
Time:6:19 pm.
Mood: Still drunk a little.
When someone spends 25 cnets a minute to call you, "I'm going to go now, walk around aimlessly until my class starts" is NOT the appropriate response.

Enough whining.
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Wednesday, September 29th, 2004

Subject:dear jouranl
Time:9:03 pm.
candy is dandy but liquor is quicker.
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Thursday, September 23rd, 2004

Subject:Yes, I'd like to post by phone.
Time:11:40 pm.
Mood: gloomy.
Logically, right now I'm being told everything I want to hear. That he doesn't love Her anymore. Yeahbut.

I think I'd like to revert to what I was sophomore year. Oh lordy was i a heartless bitch. Whatever happened to the mentality of "choose not to care"? Now I'm giving my boyfriend of 7 months advice on how to tell a girl he was once very in love with that he doesn't love her anymore. The part that's bothering me is that nowhere in this discussion am I being mentioned. It's not like he's saying "well i'm so in love you with, I could never-" or "I have you now, she'll just have to accept it."

And that's bothering me. Little bit.

Me = emo in that not punk rawk way. Try emo in that overtly emotional, dashboard confessional on my stereo kind of way. Except oh wait Dashboard makes me puke a little, but you understand the sentiment. The vein of emo that writes cryptic away messages, hoping someone will im you just to find out what the fuck you're talking about; the kind that turns the music way up and puts the windows down, in january, just to watch your ears turn purple in the rear-view mirrow.

This is the emo of the girl who talks to the boy she loves at 12:21 am, liking none of what she hears, throwing him vague questions to keep the conversation she's hating going, though it feels like the mucles in her body are slowing down and it's hard to lift her fingers to type: just to be validated by the blinking of the im box.

And who the fuck TALKS to their significant other via aim anyway? I mean really, how sad am I?

PS I just wrote one long livejournal entry. Someone break out the world's smallest violin. Please.
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Friday, September 17th, 2004

Time:4:57 pm.
Mood: complacent.
I've got sunshine:

A.) In my life, and it shines so bright
B.) In a bag
C.) On a cloudy day
D.) None of the above
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Tuesday, September 14th, 2004

Time:11:01 pm.
Mood: angry.
Goddamn you Eliot.

There again, what was the point of writing that?

OH I know. To try [livejournal] emotions of course.
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Thursday, September 9th, 2004

Time:9:12 pm.
I feel like the first person ever cunning enough to figure out how to update a livejournal.
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LiveJournal for joey.

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You're looking at the latest 14 entries.